medium: LED, one-way mirror

dimensions: dimensions viriable

year: 2020


媒材:LED, 單面反射鏡


Medium : Laser ・ kinetic structure
Size : 7MX5M (Site-specific)
Year : 2016
Site : Generator room

Void of Image is a work that question about “imaginary” or “impression” of a certain type of space. As for this case, this work was anchored in a generator room of a public building. Before entering into the geneartor room, we firstly have an imagination of noisy and mechanic sound, which was being illustrated by movies or television program. Our imagination of space are now being controlled and rendered due to the movies industry and media companies.

In the Void of Image, a speaker was built in the generator room by the artist, Which provided a dramatic mechanic sound. With the clear linear light started the whirled around the space, the sound suddenly stopped and remain a silence space, and the image of the generator room is being redefining by the viewers

尺寸:7米X5米 (依場地而定)