After Macao returned to motherland China, Tourism development has got a significantly rise, the historical landmark building is occupied by tones of tourist everyday, which makes this place become an unreachable place, a vacuum area for the local citizens.

90 degrees is said to be the "right angle", it comes from an ancient thought representing things could be stand still properly on this gravity earth instead of falling. Nowadays,  architecture and technology has tend to become a state of liquefaction, the form of matters tend to have different diversity of  appearance, which blurring the boundary of "right" or “wrong" conceptually.

In my work, i point out the sun's position with a laser, which the sun, the architecture object and the laser light formed an 90 degrees.When time goes by, the level of light move upward a bit, til it scans the whole facade of the architecture. The main object of the photography is likely to be virtualised and disappeared from the reality, like a place is ruined and being constructed again within a 3D model.

Medium : digital print
Year : Feb 2018
Site : Ruínas da Antiga Catedral de São Paulo, Macao (S.A.R.) 澳門大三巴牌坊遺址