medium: laser, aluminium, kinetic structure
size: site-specific
year: 2017

From the history of human development, we obtained a lot of messages and inspirations from the nature environment, which is one of the most important factors that drive the development of science and technology. In this age, we are trying to observe nature in a precise way of seeing, and try to solve and explain the complexity of nature. Nature is considered as a representation of “random”. In my work, with the shape of straw i borrowed, the firefly-like red spot is generated by the organic life, which is like a point-cloud animation generate by computers. I try to bring the ideas of these two extremes together and compose this light installation directly on a organic area.

I used linear laser light (a medium we always use to measure and transform space into a manipulative data) to place on the unmeasurable scene and scan the field, and extract a certain section of grass. Compare to the organic life(straws), the laser light can be see as a simple pattern or system. The absoluteness straight line transform into a doted form of light, which confuse the body perception about nature landscape through the use of light and reconfigure the boundary of the nature and man-made material, which eventually produce an unexpected scenery with an absoluteness light