medium: LED, one-way mirror

dimensions: dimensions viriable

year: 2020


媒材:LED, 單面反射鏡


2017 Kuan - Du Light Festival , Taipei, Taiwan
Medium : Laser ・ nylon 
Year : OCT 2016
collaborate with Huai-Sheng, Huang & Shun-Shiang, SHU

Installation is anchored between the two belfry buildings.
With the tiny nylon string linked in the sky, this piece of work defined an empty, abstract space within two belfry buildings.

Nowadays, we always experience light in a certain “box-sized” electric device, which real and fake could be happened inside the “box”. How can we experience light without the “box” and shows the real objectivity of light?

Nylon threads are linked between the two belfry buildings. With the northeast monsoon airflow of the specific location, wind act as an important nature element that complete this work, which provide a chance for the absoluteness light to interact with the air, and brings up an breathe rhythm like scenery.